Lavender field

Andy and I are very lucky and look after three acres of land.

Due to a rabbit problem growing our own veggies is on hold at the moment, but once the poly tunnel is repaired and the rabbit problem is sorted out, we will be back to growing our own.

When we moved, in the first year we planted many trees which have now grown to a good size, which will enable us to plant some fruit trees.

I love at the end of the summer to collect blackberries and make blackberry and apple crumble so a few apple trees would be very helpful.

I find it very difficult to put into words the pleasure I feel when I walk up the land. All weathers add to its beauty, but on a warm summers day when you can look across the sea to the Scilly isles, I believe I live in one of the most beautiful place in the world. Its only problem is it’s very distracting to doing my work.