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Starlings at Marazion

Andy and I popped down to Marazion and were very lucky to view this amazing show by hundreds, maybe thousands of Starlings as they landed on the marsh.
Beats any TV soap show.

A fab weekend

On Thursday we travelled to London to celebrate a late Christmas with the family, it was wonderful.
We pop into town and helped Sarah choose a pattern and material for her wedding dress and Yasmine’s bridesmaids dresses. Then on Saturday we travelled to Felixstowe to celebrate Andy’s mum 80th birthday, again it was great everyone getting together. Photo of cake andy and I made her, it’s meant to be andy’s mum pet poodle

A quick up date on our Dublin visit.
We came home with 3 new customers, which I am told is very good for a very short visit. The good news is one has already re ordered, not just for their Dublin shop, but also for their Limerick one.
With orders from existing customers and our new ones, it’s crazy here, especially for the Alpaca felted soaps.
Must get on as need to get the orders out.
Thanks you for all your good wishes

The day has come

When I started organising my trip to Dublin, it was like a far off dream, now it’s today. The samples are ready and packed, I just have to get myself organised.
Flying this afternoon from Newquay direct to Dublin.
Then the first scary thing finding my way to my hotel and then around Dublin.. First appointment at 10.30am tomorrow. Fingers crossed its a successful visit. Please keep all your fingers and toes crossed and send me positive thoughts
Thank you

First export sales visit

Exciting times
But also very nervous, will be traveling to Dublin on Tuesday 26th July to do our sales pitch. We have appointments with several shops, so please keep your fingers crossed we are successful
We are taking all our products, which includes our lovely soaps, but also our alpaca scarves and pillows and our very new reed infusers